Habitat is the universe I created to refuge myself. my narratives and my most intimate reflections bloom in this toxic jungle.
Habitat exists in a one hundred years far utopian future, set thousands of kilometers away from here. The garden, the idea and, at the same time, the memory that can not be tackled. It is called “the accident” because almost no one knows what happened and whoever is torn between the desire to find it out and the wish to forget.
Those who decide to enter in Habitat deprive themselves of all that makes them who they are and renouncing to a long life expectancy. There are no laws in Habitat. The survival is made possible by a flourishing nature and few necessary technological devices. Ones someone comes in, there is no possibility to go out.
Ibrida, the first comic extracted from this world, it’s a frenetic and silent adventure inside an iridescent labyrinth.
A spin-off and a prelude I have written and drawn looking for tactile and visual characteristics inspired by hentai and gaming universes.

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